About Us


Reef Fusion is the brainchild of Robert Morrissey. Reef Fusion is designed to be the best tasting, most effective and artistically marketed infused drink on the market. What separates Reef Fusion from every other drink on the market is the experience of the team Morrissey has assembled. Reef Fusion is the next evolution in drinks after years of working in the infused beverage market.

Robert has been in the alternative drink space since 2009. The first drink Robert introduced to the world was Keef Cola. Now owned by Keef Brands, Robert was eager and delighted to escape dealing with the corrupt and lowbrow ethics of Keef Cola’s original investors.

By creating Reef Drinks Robert was able to take his futuristic vision and deliver amazing drinks to the entire nation. To get to know the brand better you must try one of the drinks. There truly is a bit of soul in each and every drink made by the Reef Drink Company.


Ethical Choices

Reef Drink Company goes out of its way to make ethical choices when manufacturing its drinks. We choose biodegradable bottles, excellent ingredients and source the highest grade Hemp derived Delta 8 on the market. Reef Drink Company also takes pride in making sure all its licenses, insurances and bills are paid and up to date. We believe that all people are equal and should be treated with kindness.

Best in the Market

At Reef Drinks making and drinking Hemp based Delta 8 drinks is not just what we do. It’s a way of life for the team at Reef Drink Company. We put a ton of love in every drink we make. At Reef Drinks it’s all about making the customer happy.

We Love Hemp

At Reef Drinks we believe that Hemp derived Delta 8 is fantastic. We understand that dispensaries now are selling highly intoxicating Delta 9 products and that those are way to strong for many people. Hemp derived Delta 8 defiantly causes that perfect euphoria however it should never put the user out of commission. Not only do our drinks come from the Hemp plant but so do many other utilitarian items. We believe that the Hemp plant may be the most amazing plant on the planet.