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Reef Fusion is an intellectual property, advertising, marketing, research & development,  company. We have access to patented and patent pending processes, containers and ingredients. Reef Fusion has reinvented the drink market by offering ready to drink brands for every occasion and given companies the opportunity to create their own white label brands. Either way you go we have you covered. Entering the Cannabis drink market is easier with Reef Fusion on your side!  Reef Fusion also has exclusive access to 90% bioavailable water soluble Cannabis extracts that can be added into any drink recipe. Our ready to drink franchise brands our listed below.

Reef Fusion Pubs & Restaurants

Designed specifically for restaurants our drinks are highly profitable. All our bottles are perfect for mass food delivery and are completely scalable to fit your establishments needs. Each drink is in a single serve package ready to mix. Average mix time is 20 seconds.   

Le Canna Royale 

This 750ml bottle is 100% natural and has a very long shelf life. Designed to sell as a shot in restaurants or make available on the shelf at your local store.   

Reef Fusion Pouches

Consumers love these child safe drink pouches, Designed to be a low cost, high quality drink for dispensaries. They can be sold as singles or a 6 pack or 10 pack. This product is not legal in every state.  

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Reef Fusion Convenience Stores

Designed specifically for convenience stores our 25mg CBD shooters are highly profitable for sellers. All our shooters are perfect for additional counter sales. They are completely scalable to fit your establishments needs. 


Designed specifically for head shops stores our 30mg CBD shooters are highly profitable for sellers. All our shooters are perfect for additional counter sales. They are completely scalable to fit your establishments needs.

Bloo Voodoo

Our delicious Bloo Voodoo  sweet tea and other souther flavors are inspired by our love for Southern flavors. Sold in our Child Safe Drink Pouch Bloo Voodoo is a great product for all dispensaries. 

Reef Drink Company Process

White Label or Partner Up!

Reef Fusion is the only company in the world marketing cannabis drinks to pubs, retail stores, liquor stores, grocery stores, head shops, restaurants, dispensaries and online. You can partner up with us or sell our brands. Reef Fusion can white label your drink brand or concept. We can also help you set up your own manufacturing facility, train your team and be your pipeline.  Reef uses state of the art Nano Colloidal Dispersion to create the perfect water soluble cannabis solutions in every, drink every time. Our cannabis extracts offer 90% bioavailability. With our innovative Patent Pending Child Safe Pouch, Multiple Flavor SKU's and 100% bioavailability Reef Fusion has become the future of cannabis drinks. 

Reef Fusion are not legal in every state. 

Ready to drink wholesale

Reef Fusion has several ready to drink brands you can purchase from us wholesale and sell in your shop today. Our capacity allows us to keep up with any order you may have.

Partner Up!

Make and sell our brands exclusively in your state, territory or country. With our partner model you get everything. Onsite manufacturing, set up, training, marketing materials and a solid supply line. Our brands are the most profitable and recognizable drink brands on cannabis the market. 

White label your drink

Want someone to make drinks for you? We can do it. Reef Fusion has multiple flavors to choose from. We can mix these with our 100% bioavailable water soluble cannabis extracts. Reef Fusion has exclusive access to this patented ingredient. Reef Fusion will develop the flavor, the mix, the SOP and the graphic art to make your brand successful. 

Set up manufacturing

Looking to dive right in? Reef Fusion can help your company manufacture its own cannabis drink, on site at your facility. Reef Fusion has proven manufacturing facilities already making drinks. Reef Fusion can become your pipeline for your own successful drink brand. 

Want to know more about us?

Feel free to contact us and find out more how Reef Drink Company can meet your needs? 
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An intellectual property company.

Reef Fusion is an intellectual property company. With our partners in the U.S.A. and Canada we can manufacture and ship our drinks all over the world. If you are looking for an amazing opportunity to license and manufacture and/or distribute our Cannabis drink brands please feel free to contact us to find out how.