Legal Notifications

Reef Drink Company shipping policy

  • Reef Drink Company does not ship to any states that have banned Delta 8 products.

  • There are zero exceptions to our shipping policy.

  • Reef Drink Company will not ship your items and will refund your purchase if the order is being directed to any state where Delta 8 is banned.


Reef Drink Company refund policy is as follows. 

  • If any products are damaged in shipping the Reef Drink Company will re-ship and replace the product with no additional charges. Reef Drink Company may request photos of damaged products for shipping insurance.

  • Reef Drink Company does not refund or exchange product of purchases shipped for any reason.

  • Reef Drink Company will refund the full purchase price for any purchases that are from states that are illegal for the Reef Drink Company to ship.


Reef Drink Company, LLC keeps all client information private and does not resell information. Reef Drink Company, LLC only shares client information for accounting and shipping purposes.

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